How does a fire alarm system work?

If you have decided to buy a fire alarm system, you should still decide upon the type of protection you would like to get. We have prepared some information regarding the basic elements of a fire detecting and notifying system.



You have got a prosperous business where you invested time, money and feelings. You have made yourself a respected and known name, imposing respect and power. Success is your key word whether it is characterized by  these features or not, and it may get people envious, frustrated, mean. There is a question to be asked: „Have you done anything to forestall certain events such as fire as a possible reaction of human nature or hazard?"

Fire is a complex, aleatory, uncontrolled phenomenon. Due to its violent behavior, it represents a threat to people and goods. 

High buildings need special fire measures to be taken as they make fire vertical propagation easier due to their height. People evacuation out of a high building on fire is also more difficult than evacuation off a house or small building, limiting fireman search and rescue.

Taking into consideration what we mentioned above, specialists will always try to design the best fire system alternative to assure first fire burst detection in order to protect people and goods by limiting fire extension. 

The system is designed in such a way as to notify the local or regional fire brigades immediately.



Electronic security systems notice possible fire and gas leaking occurrence conditions, limiting damage producing risks and diminishing the premium value.

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An electronic system notifying first fire bursts will accomplish the following functions:

• it will permanently check smoke detectors in each room on each floor of the building.

• the moment an event occurs (smoke detection) on one or several detectors, it will be recognized by the fire alarm panel that will trigger warning or prewarning on acoustic warning devices. The panel may also operate the evacuation doors, elevators, etc.  automatically.

• it will signal the new events opto-acoustically on the front panel (smoke detection, out of order wiring or equipment)

Briefly, a fire detecting system consists of:

- fire alarm panel;

- smoke and/or temperature detectors;

- emergency buttons for fast alarm triggering;

- acoustic and optical warning devices (sirens/flashes)

Fire detecting and notifying system will be organized on three levels:

- local devices for data detection and gathering;

- signaling equipments;

- coordination fire alarm panel.

System functions can be level integrated by means of technical substructure.

Warning in alarm cases will be locally done by sirens or on phone line to a monitoring station.


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