Why Choose a car alarm system?

How does a car alarm system work?

In case you have decided to buy a car alarm system, there are still a few decisions regarding comfort and protection functions you would like to have to be taken. A car alarm system can be really complex configured but easy to use. A remote control helps operate the car alarm system. We have prepared some information to help you understand the basic features of a car alarm system.



Nowadays when delinquency has more and more expanded, and burglary (even car theft) has become a social phenomenon, ROMANO ELECTRO INT’L S.A. is able to provide a solution.

Parking the car in front of the house or in a public place has always worried the car owner. Spare wheels, tape recorders, and toolboxes have always tempted potential offenders. The car itself represents a great temptation especially when it comes to brand, new models.

Security has been achieved by mechanical means such as lock fastening buttons, steering wheel fastening levers, etc.

We are suggesting a new solution such as an electronic security system to locally and optic-acoustically warn in order to discourage potential offenders. Pager may also remotely warn the car owner. Burglary will be electronically noticed and engine starter killed.

Since system functioning within proper parameters depends on the way it has been mounted, we suggest you should mount the system at our headquarters or at one of our co-workers. Thus an efficient service is provided as most difficulties concerning car alarms arise when installing.   



Car approach/hitting, door/hood/trunk opening are noticed by several elements of the system. Alarm/pre-alarm will be activated by any of these actions.

Trunk protection It detects car various intensity hiting, according to its adjusted sensitivity. It can be disabled by remote control. It detects car approach. It can be disabled by remote control. Door protection Hood protection Car interior protection

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A minimum configuration of a car alarm system consists of a main board, a 200W siren and a pre-warning shock sensor. Optionally, the following could be added to the system:

- perimeter sensor

- volumetric sensor

- central door locking

- window electric roll-up control

- pager transmitter output


General features:    
Security functions:   Comfort functions:

- engine starter killing

- microwave perimeter detection (optional)

- car interior movement detection by ultrasound volumetric sensor (optional)

- shock detection

- door/hood/trunk opening detection

- panic

- auto-arming

- passive arming

- arming/disarming with optic-acoustical confirmation

- arming/disarming with optic confirmation only

- car reverse moving warning

- open door car moving warning

- silent pager burglary warning (optional)

- optic-acoustical notifying in alarm cases

- anti-scanning / anti-grabbing

- anti-carjacking


- central locking (optional)

- electric windows (optional)

- trunk remote controlled opening (optional)

- alarm memory when disarming

- car finder




Security and comfort functions have been mentioned for general situations.

For a certain car alarm type only some functions will be available.

Optional functions need additional hard elements as regards to the main configuration.


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