How does a burglary alarm system work?

n case you have decided to acquire a burglary alarm system, you should still decide upon the type of protection you would like to get. We have prepared some information regarding the basic features of an alarm system for your house/flat in order to help you understand the way such a system works



Most people don’t take into consideration the fact they could be the target of a burglary attack or hold-up. Having in mind a possible situation, people ask themselves: „Why me?“, answering back: „I can’t be the unlucky one“. However, the moment the unexpected happens, statistics become irrelevant; damages (and sometimes even casualties) get to tragic. There is a saying: „Taking care is easier than mending". So, think of the fact that what happened to others could happen to you, too. Once you have decided to diminish the risk you could be exposed to, consider the fact that any additional measure towards your protection could be sooner or later auspicious. 

If the above presentation was only a presumptive one, we are now suggesting some real alternatives which seem to be more likely to be achieved:

1) get a watch dog

2) get windows latticed and a metallic door mounted into several fixing points

3) sign an insurance policy

4) get an electronic burglary and/or fire and/or gas leaking alarm system mounted

According to the budget you are going or able to spare, you can make your option for one or more of the above solutions. Don’t forget that any burglar can defy alternatives 1) and 2) while alternative 4) implies burglar’s cleverness, information and spontaneity. Additionally, alternative 4) is the first step towards getting a compensation implied by alternative 3).

Finally, if the electronic alarm system allows coupling to a permanent monitoring station which may also provide fast intervention, it will prove itself superior to the other alternatives, having a similar price as well.



Electronic security systems discourage breaking-in attempts, notice possible fire and gas leaking occurrence conditions, limit the damage producing risk and diminish the premium value.  


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The burglary security system was designed to protect the ways through which a burglar can enter the building and take out valuable objects. The burglar’s presence will be detected according to the protected element:

•  building access door opening will be detected by magnetic sensors.

•  breaking-in by window breaking will be detected by broken window sensors.

•  movement inside the protected area will be detected by presence detectors.

The same system can be used for watching possible fire and gas leaking occurrences by connecting smoke and gas detectors in the endangered areas.

System arming/disarming can be performed by radio remote control or by entering a code to a keypad. Operation mode and complexity will depend on the utilized central unit.

The area protected by such a system will be zone-divided. Consequently, arming/disarming will be performed on the entire system or on certain zones. In the later case we are dealing with a partitionable system where each and every partition will behave as an independent system.

All systems (partitionable or not) allow perimeter arming, rendering movement inside the protected area possible.

Warning in alarm cases will be locally done by siren or on a central monitoring station phone line.


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