Glass Break Sensor


It is to be mounted on the wall or window inside the protected room

It may be mounted on any window type. For big windows, there will be several sensors to be mounted.

There are several ways to make up broken window detectors. The oldest method consists of sticking thin metallic bands on windows. Once these bands broken, a circuit was opened witch will notify the alarm panel. Despite their use, they were difficult to install and unaesthetic at the same time.

New detectors detect the vibration produced when a window gets broken. In this case the sensor is mounted right on the window. This method has two disadvantages. There is the risk of producing false alarms due to environmental vibrations. In case of protecting several windows, each window must have a sensor installed.

A new different technology focuses on the sound produced when breaking a window. The advantage is that of using only one sensor to protect several windows. The detector may be installed on the wall or window inside the room. The disadvantage of these detectors is that of producing false alarms taking the sound produced when breaking a window for different sounds such as hitting a tin plate, bell ringing, etc.

The safest and best technology is the audio-shock dual one. Here, the detector reacts both to the shock produced when breaking a window and to the specific frequency of that sound as well.


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